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Win more instructions, keep more instructions and sell more property with Jupix

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The team at Jupix empowers your Estate Agency to win more instructions, keep more instructions and sell more properties. Our constantly evolving property software guides you through easy to use steps to help your Estate Agency run as smoothly as possible. From a prospective client making an enquiry, to arranging viewings, making an offer and exchanging contracts, our Jupix software allows you to stay one step ahead with the clear steps needed to keep your clients happy.
 Jupix Property Software

Win More Instructions

Our simple to use residential software is designed with you in mind. We listen and act upon your needs.

With Jupix, you can win more clients. Our simple to use tools puts your business at the forefront of the Jupix property software.
Take a look at how being with Jupix can have a positive impact on your business.

Jupix Property Software

Property Matching

Our software allows Jupix users to quickly and easily match clients to properties, based upon their requirements and expectations. Instantly you will know whether a new property is ideal for a client searching for their new home.

Whether your client requires a five bedroom country home with a garage or a two bedroom flat in the city, you will have the opportunity to immediately deliver them with the best possible property on the market.

Jupix Property Software

Comparable Tools

Selling a property, but want to know the average property price in that area? The Jupix software allows you to do just that, at the click of a button. Our comparable tools don’t just allow you to compare property prices but it also allows you to take a tour through the area with the help of Google Maps.

Our in-depth comparable tools are designed to give you the best insight into each and every property you sell, whilst comparing the various property areas and average asking prices.

Jupix Property Software

Enquiry Screen

Whether you have received an enquiry from your website, a newspaper advert or from portals such as Rightmove, you can see the date on the Jupix enquiry screen. This can prompt you to instantly interact with new clients, and respond to all enquiries in a timely manner.

Potential customers may depend upon how quickly you can respond to various questions, and how quickly you may contact your new applicants. With Jupix you will be reminded and updated every step of the way.

Jupix Property Software

Detailed Client Report

Knowing your client is essential. Through our software, we can ensure you ask the right questions get the most out of your clients’ needs. This also helps the property matching tool work flawlessly every time. Each client report will detail their spending potential, the area in which they are looking for, the number of bedrooms and the additional extras including gardens, garage, study, parking and more!

 Jupix Property Software

Keep More Instructions

Once you have won your instructions, the next task is to keep them. Jupix empowers your Estate Agency into staying one step ahead of your competitors, while keeping your clients at the forefront of your business.

Our residential software puts your needs first. We understand the importance of keeping your clients happy, making their move a stress-free process. Take a look at how Jupix can help you keep more instructions.

Jupix Property Software

Keep in contact with clients

With reminders available, you will be able to remain in contact with your clients. You will also be provided with the facilities to text reminders for their next appointment, along with many other contact opportunities. You can also time vendor follow up calls, keeping you in control of every aspect of the sales process.

Jupix Property Software

Diary with an integrated to do list

No longer will you need to rely on your paper diary. The Jupix diary allows you to not only access your own events of the day, week or month, you can also access your colleagues’ diary too!

Extending from the Jupix diary, you will be given the opportunity to create a to-do list to ensure that those tasks you may have once forgotten will be completed. With helpful reminders, you will remain one step ahead with the Jupix calendar.

Jupix Property Software

Feedback from the client

As much as you require feedback from your clients, your clients will also require customer feedback on their property. After every viewing, you will have the opportunity to input reactions to your client’s property, allowing you to relay the feedback to your clients.

Jupix Property Software

Property Performance Reports

Ensure your clients remain updated on your marketing activities by providing them with a fully branded property report. You will be able to share with your clients the interest shown in their property with website and marketing reports, as well as the number of viewings to date.

Your property performance reports will not only benefit your estate agency in establishing those properties which are in demand and those which are not, but it will also show your clients the proof of how their property is performing.

Jupix Property Software

Track client activity

You’ll be guided through every aspect of the property selling and purchasing experience with the help of Jupix. If you’re unsure which stage your clients may be at, you simply need to bring up their details and you will have access to those tasks and stages still outstanding.

The beauty of the Jupix software is that unless a key task has been completed, you will not be able to skip ahead to the final tasks. This gives you a clear road ahead and ensures that each client follows the same procedure.

 Jupix Property Software

Sell more properties

Once you have won and kept your instructions with the help of the Jupix software, the next important step is to sell. Take a look at how our software helps you to complete that all-important sale.

Selling a property and moving home is one of the most stressful tasks your clients will go through, with our help you can keep this process as calm and stress-free as possible.

Jupix Property Software

Instant property uploads to portals

Once you upload a new property to your Jupix account, you will have the choice whether to instantly send it to a number of property portals including Property Finder, Rightmove and Zoopla.
You can also keep a record of where the property has been advertised, not only useful for you but also your client when you provide them with their property report.

Jupix Property Software

Instant Property alerts

With Jupix, your clients can be instantly updated with brand new properties which match their requirements as soon as you upload them onto your portal. If the property displays the same desirable characteristics your client is looking for, it will immediately be emailed to them.

Instant property alerts will keep your clients first in line for each and every new property you introduce through your company.

Jupix Property Software

Chain details

Extending from the sale process is the chain details. You will know exactly what stage the sale is at based upon whether it has been completed in the sales progression chain detail. You will have access to each party involved in the sale, and at what stage they are in the process, including mortgage offer received, contracts signed and contracts exchanged.

Jupix Property Software

Sales progress

Once an offer has been made, the Jupix software ensures that every step has been taken in making the transaction as smooth as possible. You will have access to the complete sales progress including the buyer and seller details, solicitor details and important notes to bear in mind.

As one of the most stressful tasks your client will go through, with the help of the Jupix software, you will be able to make the transition as calm as possible.