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Make a difference with the right kind of marketing

Marketing the Jupix way. We can help to propel your business into the great world of the web with our effective internet marketing techniques!

Awareness of your digital marketing activity is crucial in creating a successful business. The internet has become the hub of property activity, whether people are selling, letting, buying or renting, if you are not pushing your company online, you are missing out on that great piece of property pie.

With many estate and letting agencies competing in your area, one of your greatest fears may be “how can I stand out”? At Jupix, we have an answer. A successful digital marketing campaign can take you from the agency in the background to the agency that everyone knows.

Don’t know where to start?

Not a problem! The team at Jupix are here to help your business, whether you require a head-start and top-tips, or you would like to take advantage of Jupix  running your digital marketing campaign.

Experts in the property industry, and experts in digital marketing, we can help you achieve results you didn’t think were possible! With our knowledge in social media and search engine optimisation (SEO), we can help your agency win more instructions, keep more instructions and do more deals!

What do you need?

Your site must have Jupix Fusion. If your website does not currently have Jupix Fusion, the Design team at Jupix are on hand to install and host your website.

Your site must be W3C complaint to help your SEO efforts, if you are unsure; our design team are available to assist you.

Your website must have the basic SEO principles (h1 tags, correct code formatting etc).

Ready to begin your online marketing campaign with Jupix? Take a look at our specialist packages to see what we can do to help your business on its way to online marketing success.

Part-managed Marketing Service

Social Media:
Set up only of your social media accounts. We will add all of your contact information, business information, add your pictures and start off your social media campaign. You will then manage your accounts.We will also add social media sharing capabilities to your website, giving your readers the opportunity to “like”, “follow” or “add” your agency’s page.

Analysis of content:

We will look into the content of your website and provide you with some key tips to help your website’s SEO. You can then implement our advice.

Analysis of keywords:
We will analyse your company’s current use of keywords on your website, providing you with advice on the best keywords to focus on and what you can do to use your keywords to gain a higher ranking on Google.

Monthly Marketing Reports:
Every month we will send you your own marketing report, providing you with feedback for your online marketing campaigns.

Fully-managed Marketing Service

Social Media:
As well as setting up your social media pages, we will also manage your social media campaigns. We will keep your accounts relevant and up-to-date with your own activities, local news and top industry news.Social media sharing capabilities will also be added to your page, giving your users the opportunity to stay continually updated with your agency.

Analysis of content:
We will go through your website’s current content and update the relevant content to make it SEO friendly. We will also provide your company with one weekly article to keep your content constant and fresh.

Analysis of keywords:
Not only will we analyse your keywords used on your website, we will then implement your chosen keywords into your website to help increase your site’s Google ranking.

Establish a digital marketing plan:
Together, we will help you come up with a digital marketing plan, setting out aims and targets to aim for in gaining the best from your digital marketing campaign.

Link building and article submission:
We will build up key-links for your website in respected online directories. We will also submit your feature articles to social sharing sites to promote your news and your business.

Quarterly newsletter sent out to your clients:
Every quarter, we will discuss your top news stories and send out your own branded newsletter to your clients.

Monthly Marketing Reports:
Every month you will receive a detailed marketing report, giving you feedback on your campaign and setting up plans for the following month.